Hellooooooo, Nurse!


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So, I need to do that Subassan thing *looks at elyndys* aaaaand I can finally start with yokomaru drawing. : D There's still more to do but I'll start with those. I need more and more practice.

Totally random but Yume no Naka is beautiful. Kaaaaori ♥ She sounds so young but it's the harmonization is pulled off so well.

OhYass PJs

I took awhile, didn't I? I had so many problems with it when I started because I couldn't get the angle right. IT'S DONE NOW SO YAY WHATEVER.
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Ai wo kudasai... + random

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For the last time, it's not Ed! It's just bangs, okai!? I had to try different bang styles and I settled for those, but when I had finished coloring the drawing, I noticed the similarity. WHATEVER. I'm please with the result.

Now there's this other drawing I need to do.. Okan Yasu. I spent all night trying to think of a proper pose or anything to make it.. Yasu-fied? I don't know. I had this cooking pose, but then I saw this one.. Aw, crap I don't how to explain it. It's er, subdued? XD Nah, but I do want to make an apron for it. Sort of like this (third girl to come out) Oh, Oh Whory. First that and then the naked scene.

Besides that, I was thinking of doing a little Ohyass sketch... not sure. Subassan won me over, but the pose I was thinking about wouldn't fit them. It's just that I always imagine Subaru jumping Yasu... but I don't have a theme for that. I mean, I could draw it, but there wouldn't be an idea behind it.

Last random bit:

wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

...I am easily amused.

finished it. go make that banner nao. D

*spazzes* Yes! I finally finished it. : DD
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I was supposed to finish it around Soli's birthday but stuff came up. So, here's a little late gift yooooou Soli. In case anyone is curious, there's a little bit of a meaning behind it. XD; That's supposed to be Eri in her Hakkan CM outfit. It's all started when I tried to think of ideas to make a fun drawing with something of SuJu and/or MM. It came to mind the whole Hae and aliens thing, so it made perfect sense to pick from one of Eri's nicknames.. "Erien". It's a little pun for those that don't know MM and might be reading this. I remembered that retarded fish drawing and how it perfectly fit Hae, so I tried to fit both concepts in it. x)