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She works her way up

Yes, the bastardization of your favorite fandom continues!

It's slutty Kimiko and doctor Maru for lady_mercury  this time.

I didn't color much here. Just some flat colors (except in some parts where a little bit of shadow/light was need) and some texture abuse. I wanted to try this in this occasion~ There isn't anything wow (and I made a noticeable mistake XD) but.. I like it. Now I just have to stop trying to add some shadows. Gah, it's supposed to be this way!

So, the outfit was chosen by because.. BLACK RANGER. : D Or it's just an excuse to pick a skimpy black/red outfit for Yoko Kimiko. XD And.. and.. Maru is totally into it! *nodsnods*

I also wanted to show something else. I've done this mini plushies... and I thought I might as well post it here as well. Right now I only have Subaru's picture but it's not that much of a difference since the only other one I've done was a tiny little Maru doll (full body but flat) but my mom has it at the moment so I can't take pictures.

There wasn't any purple felt, okay?! DD: It's the only color I don't have. Meeh. I have to go back to finish these anyway.
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