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Hellooooooo, Nurse!


About the outfit.. refer to this.

Yeees, I managed to add the heart. I'm a bit nervous about the folds surrounding it but.. it stays like that. XD As for his hair, I decided to go with the hairstyle he has now. YES, SKULL ON HIS HAT. *shrugs* I thought the coloring looking a bit plain so I added a bg and a played a bit with the coloring. I.. hope the coloring doesn't bother anyone. I had a couple of problems with this but it doesn't bother me anymore.

Haha, I need to figure out if to pull a signature or something on it rather than just a 'Yopo'.

So, I need to do that Subassan thing *looks at elyndys* aaaaand I can finally start with yokomaru drawing. : D There's still more to do but I'll start with those. I need more and more practice.

Totally random but Yume no Naka is beautiful. Kaaaaori ♥ She sounds so young but it's the harmonization is pulled off so well.
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