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ore wa kuudou

This is (partially) locked. Fanwork related posts will most likely be public. I don't post as often as I used to. If you want to add, leave a message? Maybe we have something in common. ♥ Oh, I'll ignore silent adders. Sorry.

  • Kanjani8 Icons

    [14] Kanjani8 gfdjhvgdgs I actually did them! :D Just a small batch, nothing fancy, just happy with some of the coloring. PREVIEW:…

  • sunny sunny sunny i love you~ was the only title I could think of. XD; Ta-da, today I bring you the Chunji pair, SungNy. Request by chiphyuk for…

  • oh hi roomie lol - SMILE

    It's for chiphyuk : Oh maaaan, I forgot the gums. D: Um, there's not much to stay since I already showed it to you and this for…

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