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I took so looong! DDD: Let's blame school and not my own procrastination, kay? :33 And now there's the fanbook and I'm seriously considering drawing one big fanart. I won't be able to though, takes too much time. Drawing, lineart, coloring.

HOLY I NEED SOMETHING LIKE A YASUKEN MANGA MAKING TEAM. Or pay my roomie to color it for me. XD; She's the one person I can trust my drawings to and not worry as much.

ANYWAY. On the to drawing! Thanks to molkita , airairo and elyndys for helping me out. Plus maipipi~ I'll try to do the second drawing (shopping related!) soon. I have a new list of unexpected things that popped up. LIEK, HYUKJAE DRAWING. WUT?

I wanted it to make it all pastel looking and stuff but, it was too boring for me! I ended up adding stuff... I can't help it! I hope it looks okay on your guys monitors, last drawing looked so yellow and dark on my other computer...

So, about the actual point... The whole idea came from a little conversation with molkita .

"And this cellphone thing made me think about the time Subaru responded to Yasu with a phone message that had no emoji, which made Yasu reply with "Are you mad at me?" or something similar! xD He is such a dork a terribly cute one ♥"

So, it's supposed to be something like that and I fail at getting my point across.
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