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Yes, closer to doing those hospital AU drawings

I'm a bit unsure on this one, but.. jun/mikio (or the other way around XD) needed to be done, I guess? I like how it looks (okay, I like how Mikio looks, I had so much trouble with Ohkura! Damn, he's so pretty, shouldn't he be easy to draw?), but not sure of the feeling.

I think it's because I tried colored lineart. I sometimes like it, sometimes don't. I think it also has to do with the quality of the lines..? .__. I prefer another style. Ugh, I can't describe it well. And how the skin is colored and has a good contrast aaand meh, this is senseless blabbing. I can't even describe what I want. As for the bg.. I just cut random circles and colored them, it came out randomly.

So, nevermind all of that and here it is:
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Thanks for the idea/line Merky~


I took so looong! DDD: Let's blame school and not my own procrastination, kay? :33 And now there's the fanbook and I'm seriously considering drawing one big fanart. I won't be able to though, takes too much time. Drawing, lineart, coloring.

HOLY I NEED SOMETHING LIKE A YASUKEN MANGA MAKING TEAM. Or pay my roomie to color it for me. XD; She's the one person I can trust my drawings to and not worry as much.

ANYWAY. On the to drawing! Thanks to molkita , airairo and elyndys for helping me out. Plus maipipi~ I'll try to do the second drawing (shopping related!) soon. I have a new list of unexpected things that popped up. LIEK, HYUKJAE DRAWING. WUT?
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It's pedo hina!

Subtly M

Done! ..Done! Done! Wow, drawing on the laptop took me awhile to get used to. It was as if.. I was finger painting.

Collapse )? :3333 There's a reason for this, sort of. Remember the slutty nurse? Well, Yasu would throw himself down the stairs just to go back to the hospital. ...I need to draw of all this.

This came out unexpected though I was supposed to do something else first. Two Subassans, finish Subaru syringe and Mikio to do next.

Sorry for always going crazy with the textures. D: They're uh, supposed to be drawings on the walls?

EDIT: ugh, looking at it from my computer at home and.. it looks so yellow! Dx It looked so bright and pretty in my laptop! ;A; </div>
It&#39;s pedo hina!

She works her way up

Yes, the bastardization of your favorite fandom continues!

It's slutty Kimiko and doctor Maru for lady_mercury  this time.

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I also wanted to show something else. I've done this mini plushies... and I thought I might as well post it here as well. Right now I only have Subaru's picture but it's not that much of a difference since the only other one I've done was a tiny little Maru doll (full body but flat) but my mom has it at the moment so I can't take pictures.

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